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“Listening Week” at The Owls Nursery

During the course of this week we have been engaged in “Listening Week” which has been promoted by Usborne Books.We have all been taking small groups of children to read to throughout the nursery. We have been encouraging the children to share these stories with parents and carers at home.The idea behind this is to introduce children to listening to stories and to engage with, and enjoy, the experience.It is a great introduction for children who are not yet quite ready to read independently but to experience the enjoyment of various books and stories.

The children are being sponsored to listen to the various stories , whether this is in nursery, or at home. Any money raised as part of this sponsorship will go towards the purchase of more Usborne books for the children’s enjoyment at nursery.

We would like to thank all parents and carers who are supporting this event. Can we please politely remind parents that the sponsor forms and listening logs will need to be returned by Friday 11th August.

A big thank you to everyone involved.


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