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Ollie’s Adventures

Our very cute and friendly knitted owl ‘Ollie’ has been spending time with our children during their weekends at home. When one of the children at the Nursery achieves something memorable during the week they are invited to take Ollie the owl and his log book home for the weekend.Children and parents record the events of their weekend.

A little boy from Nursery took Ollie home a couple of weeks ago and recorded how Ollie had accompanied him in choosing new shoes and went along to his favourite cafe for milk and muffins, all this was accompanied by beautiful photographs of the events of the weekend giving us lots to talk about at Nursery. More recently another little boy from Nursery took Ollie home and after taking him to the family caravan and then doing some gardening he felt that Ollie needed a wash and Ollie finished up in Mums bucket whilst she was washing her car. He soon dried out when Mum pegged Ollie out on the clothes line!

Who will be taking Ollie home this weekend and what further adventures will be in store for him?


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