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Our Hatching Ducklings Will Be Arriving Next Week.

Following on from the huge success of our hatching chicks and hatching ducklings in previous years, we are very excited that once again, duckling eggs will be arriving at nursery next week. Our hatching duckling kit arrives on Monday 29th April and the ducklings are expected to hatch within a few days. The duckling eggs come to nursery in an incubator and then we wait and watch as they hatch into beautiful ducklings. It has proved to be a very exciting time for the children as they watch the ducklings grow. The ducklings have a close affinity to water from their very early days and love to splash around in shallow water! They are robust and quite docile, so are particularly suitable to be cared for by children. We are certain they will provide lots of fun and a fabulous learning opportunity for the children. We will be posting lots of photos on Facebook so please follow us as we keep you updated as to how the ducklings are getting along.


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