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“I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with all of the staff in the Baby Owls room.
Right from the beginning when I met you and you showed me and Poppy around I knew straight away it was the nursery for us. The first few weeks were a bit emotional as it is with all mums leaving their babies and going back to work but you were all so caring, understanding and professional and made it so much easier. Poppy settled in really well, really quickly and formed bonds with all of the staff. She was particularly close to Vicky who was her key worker at the time and then Pauline who became her key worker when Vicky moved to another room.
Pauline your baby room leader is absolutely outstanding. I can’t praise her enough! She is so in control in the baby room and I always felt happy leaving poppy in her care. She is amazing with the babies and I was particularly impressed with how she looked after Poppy when she was poorly. Such a genuinely, lovely, caring, fun person.
Andrea was also great! So friendly and Poppy really liked her. She enjoyed singing and playing and had lots of fun with her. She formed a lovely bond with Poppy and knew her so well. She is a great asset to you.
Poppy has moved up to the wobbly owls room now and the transition was great. There were no issues and Poppy settled straight in. I think this is a credit to all of the staff in the baby room as they helped her grow and develop. I thought it was great that they get the babies ready by training them to sleep on the mats and sitting at the table to eat.  I also think Poppy settled so well due to Vicky taking her into the wobbly owls room regularly for a few minutes (pinching her for cuddles as she would say!). Vicky and Poppy have kept a lovely little bond as she was her key worker when she first started and then when she moved into the wobbly owls room. I think she still pops in for cuddles. Vicky is brilliant and so much fun.
Poppy had lots of fun every day in the baby room and used to get excited and kick her legs in the car seat when I pulled up outside!
Poppy is loving the wobbly owls room, I’ve noticed a big difference in her. I can tell she has so much fun and her speech is coming on great! Kirsty, her key worker is lovely! Poppy really likes her too!

I have to say, you really have got a great team!

And thank you too Megan, I know you are always there if I have any queries and you have been so helpful and flexible with Poppy’s days” Thank you – from Poppy’s Mummy and Daddy

“ We just wanted to say a huge thank you for showing us the book, which documents Evie’s time at nursery. I’m sure you understand how difficult it is to leave a child in the care of someone else, but it’s so reassuring to see, and read, about all the fun she is having at nursery. The book which Dawn put together is absolutely amazing, she obviously knows Evie well and her comments about Evies achievements show how much she cares about her. We were genuinely touched by the things we read and can’t wait for the next one! A big thank you again love” – Evie’s Mummy and Daddy

“Thank you for the support you have given me and Ava to help settle us in your lovely nursery. You have made the wrench so much easier for me because of the love and care you are providing. I know Ava really enjoys her time at nursery and that keeps me going so that I can leave her in the morning and go to work. Thank you to you all lots of love” – Ava’s mummy

Thank you so so much for posting Tilly’s beautiful learning journey! Such a beautiful gesture!  Tilly really misses and remembers you all especially Claire and Gill! She was over the moon with the hello kitty paper and stickers! She calls it “my owl nursery”! Tilly’s time at the Owls was obviously very enjoyable looking through her time with you and for that that thank you very much! Not sure I will find a place quiet like the owls! Absolutely fantastic! Keep up the amazing work ladies and gents and again thank you thank you thank you!

Toni - Parent