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The Owls Nursery Graduation 2021

Our Graduation for 2021 took place this weekend and what a lovely celebration it was. This year we had two groups for the graduation celebrations, one in the morning and one midday. The weather was kind to us and we celebrated both graduations outside in the garden. We had both sessions professionally videoed and many fabulous and memorable photographs were taken for parents. A big thank you to Chloe, Mandy, Michaela and their team for providing preschool children with a wealth of opportunities over the year to learn and develop in preparation for their next step to primary school. Also, thank you to Simon and Anne from Creative Camera for providing such fabulous photos and a lovely video once again this year.

Staff made speeches during the graduation about each child, their interests, achievements and what they have enjoyed doing at nursery over the years. After the graduations, the children had refreshments and enjoyed the graduation cake. Once again this year the children truly enjoyed themselves and amazed us with the amount of self confidence and behaved beautifully during the ceremony.

A huge thank to all parents of our school leavers this year, we thank you for your support over the years, in particularly the last 18 months and we wish you and your families our very best wishes and we hope you enjoy our short video.


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